9barista Safety Ring And Seals

9barista Safety Ring And Seals

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A safety ring equipped with seals. Compatible with all models of 9Barista machines.

The safety ring is an infallible mechanism that will securely depressurize the machine in the event of overheating. If you observe water seeping from a minor aperture on the side of the safety ring, it indicates the necessity to replace the ring.

O-ring seals:

Material: Silicone rubber

Internal diameter: 9.5mm

Cross section: 1.5mm

Replacing the safety ring

Replacing the safety ring is a straightforward procedure. Using the appropriate equipment, the task can be completed in less than one minute.

The safety ring is a fail-safe mechanism that will initiate a controlled release of pressure from the machine in the event of overheating. However, it can only be activated when there is an absence of water in the boiler. This typically occurs when the machine is left on the heat source after coffee has been dispensed into the portafilter, when the machine is returned to the heat source after the espresso has been poured, or when the boiler is not filled with water before the machine is placed on the heat source. An effective suggestion is to observe a brief surge in steam volume lasting one to two seconds after the espresso has finished rising. This is a positive indication that the extraction process has been completed and it is advisable to remove your machine from the source of heat.

If the safety ring engages, you may perceive a faint hissing sound. If you observe water seeping from a small aperture on the side of the safety ring, it indicates the need for replacement.

Tools and parts required

  • replacement safety ring (and optional replacement seals, if needed) – you should have received a spare safety ring with your machine, but you can also purchase them on our website
  • A 13mm spanner (a.k.a. wrench). It’s important that a correctly-sized spanner is used.

Step One

Remove the safety valve form the side of the boiler, by unscrewing the whole valve. You may be able to do this with your fingers. If not, use a 13mm spanner (wrench), to loosen it. You want to place your spanner around the nut – that’s the part of the valve that has flat sides. In the image below it’s directly above the gold coloured safety ring, it’s on the outside of the boiler.

Remove the gold coloured safety ring, by pulling it off the safety valve. The two red seals will come off with it. It may come off more easily if you turn it as you pull.

Step Two

Push the new safety ring into place, with one red seal located on each side of the safety ring. It doesn't matter where the silver dot is facing.

Step Three

Screw the new safety valve into the threaded hole on the side of the boiler. Screw it in hand tight, then use a 13 mm spanner to tighten so there is “metal on metal” contact between the safety ring and the boiler. You won’t need to tighten it very hard, the thing to feel for is a sudden increase in resistance when screwing it in (that’s when you get metal metal contact).


How Long Is The Warranty On A Coffee Machine?

All of our products include 3-12 Months Warranty for parts, non consumable.

New Products:12-24 Months

Used Products:3 Months

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Same Day dispatch for orders placed before 12PM

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Do We Provide After Sales Support?

We have skilled technician to provide After Sales Support to our customers

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